About the Nerdy Dad


What is Nerdy Dad Online?

Aside from the most basic definition, Nerdy Dad Online is me.  I have been a nerd for as long as I can remember.  Going back to long before I had even heard the word nerd.  Science fiction, fantasy, comics, movies and more; these were the things I defined myself by as a child.  Some of my earliest memories are playing Star Wars in my parents house, fighting with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker figures.  

As I got older, my interests grew, just loving Star Wars turned into long nights with the local PBS channel and imports of Doctor Who.  My first Doctor was the Third, Sean Pertwee, though I vaguely remember a wild haired man taking over the reigns to help the British Army defeat a robot that could tunnel under the earth.  

From there, a classmate introduced me to the world of Marvel comics and group of outcasts and misfits called the X-Men.  Page after page of wonder opened to my eyes.  Heroes, villains, and super powers i could never have dreamed of were gloriously detailed for me to read over and over, all the while fantasizing that one day soon I would develop superpowers.  Spoiler alert, they never came.

Instead, as I fell down the rabbit hole of comic books and this stunning import from Japan called Robotech, my peers developed physically and got into sports, while was still a scrawny kid who was now be-speckled with acne and spectacles.  

After an impromptu trip to Athens, Ohio with my brother, I made a discovery that would shape and change my life for the next two decades.  I found girls.... just kidding, I found bike racing.  The speed, the danger, and the fact that it did not require hand-eye coordination; it was everything this nerd could wish for in a sport. 

Flash forward many years and thousands of miles later I am now a husband to an amazing wife, father to a beautiful daughter and still just as nerdy as I was when I was playing with Star Wars action figures and reading comics.  Some things don't, will never change, and that is a good thing.

So, here I am being me, nerdy about cycling, sci-fi, comics, tech, photography and anything thing else that comes my way.  This blog is where you can find my nerdy thoughts, see my nerdy adventures, and nerdy pics.....